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Question: Which aquariums are in Ohio?

Quick Answer:

...Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Expanded Answer:

Following are aquariums in Ohio:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (Powell, OH)
Discovery Reef is an 110,000-gallon saltwater aquarium that uses over 1,200 pieces of man-made coral and special wave-producing equipment. The Tidepool Touch Tank allows visitors to touch coastal animals such as horseshoe crabs and sea stars. The naturalistic Humboldt penguin exhibit allows guests to see the penguins swimming underwater in their semi-circular 9,000-gallon pool or burrowing holes for nesting in the artificial rock. This region also includes a jellyfish exhibit, American alligators, flamingos and other colorful and active birds native to the southeastern United States/Caribbean region.

The Johnson Aquatic Complex
The Johnson Aquatic Complex is home to 300 species. Among the inhabitants are the endangered Lake Victoria cichlids that are currently part of the Zoo's internationally recognized, successful breeding program. The JAC also features an amphibian department with animals that live in water and on land, including the poison arrow frog and the Brazilian horned frog.

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